Harvesting and trimming

Blue lake green beans, lots of tomatoes, and some tomatillos! This variety (verde) is actually maturing mid summer. Last year, Rio Grande Verde variety all waited til end of summer.
A single pod of runner bean. They have lots of flowers though!
A baby cushaw squash! Supposed to be resistant to squash vine borers and indeed the plant has yet been untouched.

Yellow iris

Judy it turns out you did give me multiple iris colors. This beautiful pale yellow one is just blooming now in mid summer!!
The irises are at the front of the side yard.

Moving day

The two black swallowtail cats I moved to parsley from my carrots seem to be settling in after an hour.
So I moved the third. Here it is very angry still on carrots. Its orange “horns” are defense with a foul smelling liquid. Smelled sort of like a rotten orange to me but I have a bad sense of smell.

Some beans

Left to right: vaquero, mbombo bush (disappointed at color, the original packet beans were like jade), and greasy grits pole beans.