03/13/2024 future plants

One hopeful Eryngo and seven cactus seeds!

This is in the Eryngo planter, but the first leaf isn’t thorny, so the jury’s still out on this identification. The baby thistles had tiny tiny prickles on their first adult leaves.
Paula’s Escobaria vivipara in the front yard had a fruit! We finally git around to opening it up. I read somewhere that cactus seeds germinate most consistently fresh. It had seven lovely moist seeds in the fruit.
The seeds kept sticking to fingers so we used a toothpick.
There. Got the seeds to stick on the cactus potting soil mix.
We aggressively misted the soil so it’ll stay humid.
Then we sealed it all up. Even though cacti live in dry places, the seedlings need dim light and humidity.
Later in the evening, in the tropical jungle of the hallway, Shacks felt sneaky.

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