02/22/2024 a lot going on

Thursday really had a bunch of garden updates so I’m going to pile them together.

Gram was inside and his Doggie was outside!!! Woe!!!!!! (He’s not a fan of outside though, unlike Shacks.)
Paula determined it was time to get some greens and Brassicas seeded. We planted most in long planters for transplanting, so they can get started growing with less earwig nibbling pressure. Once they’re big enough, we move them up front.

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  1. So sorry about your yellow puff seedling. Some of my sugar snap pea seedlings seem to have succumbed to fungus after our wet spell a week or so ago.

    1. Yes we had I think 9 seeds in the pots. We see three up now and have removed all the lids. We had also put another few directly in the ground though no signs of movement there.

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