01/07/2024 making lemonade out of lemons

Pile of month old oak logs along the back wooden privacy fence. A squirrel is eating birdseed on the feeder in the foreground.
We had to get the lone red oak trimmed back by the power company. This resulted in a pile of fresh oak logs. The Chef was inspired by a book we listened to recently called To Boldly Grow by Tamar Haspel. It is available from the Norman Public Library as an audiobook.
Two of the chosen oak logs standing end up on the concrete patio.
And what was he inspired to do? First, The Chef chose several big logs. He wants to grow… mushrooms!
Metal conduit stands upright out from the edge of the concrete block compost area. Leaves cover the ground.
After a household discussion and reading about shiitake requirements, The Chef leaned some conduit over rebar and old concrete blocks near the compost structure.
The chef holds a log down with his booted foot while drilling holes wearing work gloves.
The Chef drills holes for the plugs.
Paula taps mushroom plugs into one of two visible logs, on top of the workbench outside.
Paula taps the mushroom plugs into the drilled holes. To the left you can see the beeswax candle the Chef made for this purpose.
I point at wax seal spots on an upright log that’s been finished.
The plugs are sealed in with clean beeswax.
Five logs are leaned up against the metal conduit rail.
We ended up with five logs full of mushroom plugs. We shall see what happens!

7 Replies to “01/07/2024 making lemonade out of lemons”

  1. Oh my gosh. Hope exciting. But having to wait so long would try my patience. Looking forward to seeing home grown mushrooms.

  2. I was re-looking at your photos. And Briar’s ball looks just like a regular sized tennis ball. Totally throws off the log size if you can’t see your feet. Ha ha!

  3. This is so exciting! Please let me know how it goes. Once we know we’ll be in the same place for certain > 1 year, we plan to try this. Z adores mushrooms (and the mushroom lady at our farmer’s market).

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