10/17/2023 autumnal

A black and yellow striped bee fly with dark tipped wings is feeding on the tiny flowers of a Heath aster. The flowers have white petals and yellow centers and cover the whole branch profusely.
Heath asters were buzzinā€˜!
The small fuzzy body of a common eastern bumblebee worker is dwarfed by the long purple covered flower stalk of Liatris mucronata.
Common Eastern bumblebees were all over both the Heath asters and these Liatris mucronata.
Iā€™m holding a branch of Euphorbia steady so we can see the fuzzy rust-colored arctiid caterpillar hiding under a leaf.  The sunlight catches the very long hairs that extend beyond its main dense body of bright orange-brown fuzzy hairs.
Wooly bear!
Faded tomato cages hold a series of fruiting pepper plants and blooming marigold plants.
Marigolds doing well around the sweet peppers.
A closer view of the bright orange marigold flowers dotting their pointed leaves. The plants are lush and only partly contained by the faded red tomato cages.
A close up of the same marigolds. They really thrive in the fall.

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