10/14/2023 horseherb in the wild

A pale hand holds green leaves and a tiny five-petaled flower steady in the shade
It was fun to see wild horseherb today at Abilene State Park in Texas. We have one big patch in the yard from a NPSOT plant sale in 2022 and it has thrived.
Briar the dog is laying on soil and sparse mowed grass in the shade of a pecan tree during the peak of an annular solar eclipse. The digital watch in the foreground reads 11:53AM. The dappled light through the trees leaves are all C-shaped crescents due to the pinhole effect created by the overlapping compound pecan leaves. This delightful light effect dapples the dog and the soil alike!
I went with Mom and Dad to see 88% of the annular solar eclipse! This photo was just after the peak. The pecan tree leaves are creating a pinhole effect so all the shadows show the slice of sun that’s left. Mom will be posting her pictures on her blog tomorrow.

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  1. We were so happy to watch the event with you and Briar. That certainly made it even more special!!!

  2. Some people said their dogs got agitated during the eclipse. Briar looks quite relaxed. I love the photo of her.

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