05/10/2023 Tuberous Texas dandelions!

We noticed a nearby construction site had Pyrrhopappus (called Texas dandelions, false dandelions, or desert-chicory) right where they were going to get run over and graded. We got permission to dig some up to rescue them. This plant is from the first night of digging, blooming the next day (05/10).
You can see we discovered these were the tuber-bearing perennial species on 05/09/2023 (the first digging night).
You can see here Briar standing just outside the disturbed soil. My hand is pointing at one of the plants.
You can see the tubers for which this perennial species is named! The other species of false dandelions are annuals or biennials. I assume most of the ones we dug, if not all, are perennials based on that every one where we cleared the soil off had a tuber.
We got quite a few from the edge of the construction area. The neighboring land has more of the plants so I imagine they will repopulate.
05/11/2023 this is one of the transplanted dandelions. They have been blooming!

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