Supervisory bonding time

Wednesday around 4pm, Gram began snuggling the back of the dog.
She’s had an undignified two weeks in an inflatable cone to keep her from bothering incisions for benign sebaceous cyst removal. So, she’ll be fine, we just have to make it ’til stitch removal.
I think she’s learning the rule: you do not disturb the cat.
Gram moved to a much cozier cat-sized spot.
By 6pm on Thursday he made himself at home. Two hours is a new record for them! He hasn’t been snuggly since last winter.
Thursday we discovered him snuggling his big sister again.
Friday: “oh hey it’s Big Sister…”
Go for it!
Happy siblings. I hope this becomes regular. They’ve always played a lot but both have been a bit jumpy around snuggles before.
I accidentally interrupted it by taking the dog outside, but I brought her back in with a sun-warmed tail and that was quite acceptable.

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  1. I wonder if Briar’s collar has anything to do with the change in behavior? It will be interesting to see if they revert to jumpiness when she no longer has to wear it.

    1. Maybe? We also have cat calming pheromone for when other cats visit and the day this started we just put a fresh one in. So there are several variables.

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