Bounce (back)

Snowy is fun for fluffy.
The ground is warm so the snow was slushy below, but the air is cold so slush refroze on Briar’s long hairs.
She didn’t mind a bit. Her thick undercoat keeps her warm and dry by her skin. We wiped all the ice off for human preference though haha. It melts!!
Would rather frolic.
Buds. We’ll presumably see some plant buds when it turns warm again tomorrow.

6 Replies to “Bounce (back)”

    1. No we haven’t. We should next time but he barely likes regular outside yet (on a leash of course) too scary. He only gets comfy when his emotional support Doggie comes to see him

  1. Gram is lucky to have his emotional support Briar! And maybe there won’t be anymore snow to try this year???

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