Sedums for terrible rocky pile of old roots

These are not native or edible, but they sure will be useful to keep other plants out and shade the soil for my nearby strawberries and mealy blue sage. I planted some out near the curb last fall and today finally planted some rooted stems in a nook by our porch. There was a big sweetgum tree there lifting the foundation that we had to remove. This has left a weird combination of rotting roots, and probably several past owners’ worth of decorative pebbles AND wood mulch. A real great growing environment as you might guess.

That long silver thing is my stainless steel coated hose. This is necessary because the dog is so obsessed with the water hose that she punctured several heavy duty rubber ones while attempting to get them to be fun again. Thank you to Judy for these beautiful sedums!

3 Replies to “Sedums for terrible rocky pile of old roots”

  1. Im impressed you got onions from seeds. Never tried them cause heard they were difficult to sprout. And im looking forward to tasting currants. Never eaten any. Youre going to run out of room for new things. And soaking bare roots is really a good thing. Congrats Dr. Blue on your blog.

    1. That one is not native so I don’t know if anything will use it. I have a different native sedum too that I grew from seed. I guess they’re both the same genus though.

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