Dog ideas

Briar needed out early this morning.

Elderberry is so close to blooming.
The very heavy rain yesterday evening knocked off the cactus’ impending fruit.
Culinary sage is sprouting this time (earlier this spring I planted some and only a few came up).
One of my baby cacti.
A different species got covered in cottonwood fluff and dew.
There is moss growing in the planter!!


Cactus flower closed. It’s sprinkling, unclear if it’s related or it just keeps strict working hours.

Rainy day updates

The coreopsis is going to be spectacular here and in front yard once these numerous buds bloom!
Three colors of iris are now blooming.
A close up of the newest color, a very nice red-purple.

Post-thunderstorm quick check

Parnsips up in a few clumps.
Based on location I believe a few moss curled parsley seedlings are up.  Cilantro was up too in other spots.
Green milkweed opening the seed leaves. Previously they were mostly rooting only.
Top soil for Rudbeckia fulgida washed away.
Top soil for evening primrose also washed away.  Both this and Rudbeckia were under rain barrel stands so I think that doesn’t provide enough shelter in a big rain like last night.  I think the blue flax seedlings all washed away sadly. Hopefully the ones I put in ground will make it. Hard to find those though once i planted them. The green milkweed were under the patio table and still got lots of good rain water.

Wet plants need air circulation

It’s supposed to get into the 40s F tonight so we brought the tender plants in (peppers, ground cherries, tomatoes).

This requires covering to secure them from Cat Ideas. However, each tray has a good half inch plus of water in them and the soil is saturated from massive rain this afternoon and evening, and I don’t want any chances of mold.

Wes fixed up a second plant fan for me and I cut two holes in the box for one set. We opened two towel corners for the shelf tray.

The box covers the plants. The hole is for the air to move through the box. The empty oatmeal containers are to keep the cat from investigating the fan at the lower right corner of the towel. The metal bucket is to prevent the cat from moving the box.
The fan pushing air through the box.