Surprise primrose bloom!

Didn’t expect a bloom until next year. From seeds from Mom! Thanks Mom! Missouri fluttermill primrose. Narrow leaf is the primrose, adjacent broad leaves are strawberries.

Good, bad, and !!! news

Bad news: something ate the two baby Rudbeckia fulgida I put out yesterday.

Good news: all the fluttermill evening primrose, same size as Rudbeckia, are fine. This includes the three just a few yards away.

!!! News… A yucca may be sprouting???

See the tiny green point in the middle? Definitely not a usual weed! This is in one of the containers I left out all winter.

Post-thunderstorm quick check

Parnsips up in a few clumps.
Based on location I believe a few moss curled parsley seedlings are up.  Cilantro was up too in other spots.
Green milkweed opening the seed leaves. Previously they were mostly rooting only.
Top soil for Rudbeckia fulgida washed away.
Top soil for evening primrose also washed away.  Both this and Rudbeckia were under rain barrel stands so I think that doesn’t provide enough shelter in a big rain like last night.  I think the blue flax seedlings all washed away sadly. Hopefully the ones I put in ground will make it. Hard to find those though once i planted them. The green milkweed were under the patio table and still got lots of good rain water.

Planting some primroses

We put about half of the baby primroses out. They do all have at least one adult leaf.

One of the fluttermill evening primrose seedlings just above the rose rock. We put these three at the edge of the rock garden and the mulch.

More fresh babies

Some in front yard, some in back yard!

Cilantro seeded last fall in herb bed.

I forgot to take a picture of the seedling radishes in the front yard before it got dark. They were ones I planted before the big freeze, on Feb. 5.

Daily field trip continues for veggies and the wildflowers are doing well staying out all night too (n = 1 night).

Field trip for veggies and new home for flowers

It’s warm and sunny in the day and cool but not hard freezes at night. I decided it’s time for plants to see the world!

The evening primroses, Rudbeckia fulgida, and Salvia greggii in their new home. I brought the veggies out for the day but forgot to take a picture before I brought them inside this evening.
Gram is too busy being cozy to worry about the new space opened up in the plant window.

More Missouri fluttermill primroses sprouting!!

I checked in my little tupperware and pretty much all the seeds I had taken out of the fridge have now sent out a root. So now I have 11 seedlings or shoots and three unsprouted seeds. All are now in potting soil.

Little friends teased carefully off of the damp paper towel.

A single stratification success!!

I checked on some native flower seeds I tried stratifying in the fridge in January. A single Missouri fluttermill primrose was sprouting!!

I have placed it in a pot to begin growing in some sun in the plant window before I turn it loose in the backyard.