After work, garden times

Plant instructions said to let them readjust to the world before planting, so they are outside in indirect light to start.
Cilantro turning to coriander (the seed).
White currant tomato seeds saved from last year grew true to variety!!
Garlic harvest was very sparse. I guess the big February deep freeze got more than I thought.
Moon and stars watermelon leaf has such adorable “stars”! I can’t wait for the fruit.
Added more cardboard to my backyard Bermuda grass killing operation. Thank you Dad for this excellent giant cardboard!!
One area of Bermuda grass in the backyard seemed dead enough to reseed with buffalograss and curly mesquite grass.
A beautiful very smooth gray moth.
Maybe an Arctiid? I need to look it up.
My finger for scale.

First harvests and little friend

95 g of blackberries!!
A dinner’s worth of green beans! From Mbombo (more) and blue lake (fewer and smaller) beans.
A lightning bug sitting on the zucchini.
A’grappoli d’inverno tomatoes (larger ones) and white currant tomatoes (small yellow ones). I’m delighted the white currants grew true to seed since I collected them last year!
The Chef cooked the green beans with bacon and put walking onions chopped on baked potato.
A little gray treefrog guards the zucchini from a radish leaf!

I love days like this

So many surprises last night and this morning!

A baby frog, probably a gray treefrog?
It hopped from a pot to a carrot leaf. So small. This was my big surprise last night.
First moss rose flower of the season.
Today’s surprise is the tall mystery plant has finally bloomed!
It turned out to be a four-point primrose!! I remember having seeds from Mom and planting them, but I don’t remember planting them in this particular spot. 🤣🤷

Yesterday’s stuff

The Chef got three jars of dehydrated onion stems/leaves from our harvest of granex bulb onions. The bulbs are still drying in the hall.
My hat is irresistible to Gram.
He tries to eat the string and tulle until I get fed up and put it up.
Fleabane in full bloom!
Photography is boring for dog.
Dill starting to bloom.
Elderberry is thriving.
Full view. It’s just one plant!
A tiny bee on Gaillardia pulchella.
A young (?) lynx spider eats a house fly while sitting on coreopsis.
Coneflowers are going strong.
I need to look up the name of this skipper, which is sitting on a dayflower leaf.

Stop it

Apparently corn is just as good as grass to chew on.
In less aggravating news, the second set of (newer) Christmas Lima beans are up.
I like how you can still see the bean pattern.

Evening things in the Pacific rainforest that is Norman

Cowpeas coming up among corn, beets, and peppers. Coreopsis in background.
Black coat runner bean flowers.
Mini bell pepper flowering.
Rouge Vif d’Etampes squash has big leaves!
Inca pea bean leaves.
Golden jenny melon needs more sun I think. Its seedling seems stuck.
Madhu ras melon is in a better spot.
This beetle eats solanaceous plants. It is sitting on my Peruvian ground cherry. This beetle is now gone.
Presumed beetle eggs. They are gone now. A mysterious giant finger squished them.

Other cloudy day yard stuff

Widow sedum in my cactus planter is blooming.
Anybody know what these are? I have a lot.
Most of my cornflowers are blue.
One rebel is dark purple!
Englemann daisy looking good.
Dill leaves are very pretty. No swallowtail caterpillars yet.

More lunch break growth

Indoor basil regrowing at joints just below the aggressive last trim I did.
Yellow granex onions starting to have bulbs peeking out! White granex onions too (not pictured).