01/10/2024 Chili times

A bowl of salad, a bowl of chili, and a biscuit on a cloth napkin
A multi-bean venison chili by Paula. This includes Alabama black-eyed butterbean lima beans from two summers ago, vaquero beans, Inca pea beans, Christmas Lima beans, and whatever else dried beans from the garden we had in a small mixed jar.
Another salad in a bowl. Chili cheese dog on plate with a side of skinny shoestring fries
Leftover chili becomes a chili dog a few days later!

06/18/2022 onion time

Oops. We disturbed this big beautiful toad.
The toad hopped over our onions to nestle down under some bean plants. We turned the soaker hose on after we were done harvesting to make sure any other plants we disturbed weren’t too upset, and hopefully that will keep the toad safely into the cooler night too.
Three kinds of onion!
The shadiest bed has Inca pea beans planted over Thomas Laxton sugar peas which we removed as they were getting mildewy. Now the pea beans have room to grow.
Our supervisor chose a shady, cool corner.
Left are the dried Thomas Laxton sugar peas for next season. To the right are Oregon sugar pod II (the original kind I had) from earlier this spring. I am going to bleach them to prevent transfer of the mildew to next season. We also put the plant waste in the city yard waste bins as their composting gets much hotter than ours.

Bean counting highlights

Paula and I sorted and weighed yesterday’s harvest.  Look at these beauties!  They were our favorites of each variety. Inca pea beans are maroon and white in the middle. Clockwise from the top are Alabama blackeye butter lima bean (the big flat white ones), slippery silk (pink ones), California blackeye cowpeas (whitish, not glossy), greasy grits (speckled tan), vaquero (moo cow pattern), and bolas maycoba (creamy color).

Evening things in the Pacific rainforest that is Norman

Cowpeas coming up among corn, beets, and peppers. Coreopsis in background.
Black coat runner bean flowers.
Mini bell pepper flowering.
Rouge Vif d’Etampes squash has big leaves!
Inca pea bean leaves.
Golden jenny melon needs more sun I think. Its seedling seems stuck.
Madhu ras melon is in a better spot.
This beetle eats solanaceous plants. It is sitting on my Peruvian ground cherry. This beetle is now gone.
Presumed beetle eggs. They are gone now. A mysterious giant finger squished them.

Bean sprouts (and their friends)

Slippery silks pole bean are up in both beds 1 and 4
Marketmore 76 cucumber in bed 4.  None of others up yet.
Vaquero bean (a pole bean) in bed 1.
Bolas maycoba bean next to lettuce leaf in bed 6.
Greasy grits bean (a green pole bean) in bed 1
Mbombo beans (a bush type) in bed 5.
Blue lake green bush (another bush type) in bed 5.
Dutch corn salad greens beginning to make immature seeds.
“hilled” potatoes with more dirt added, so they will grow more roots and thus more potatoes.
Inca pea beans are the only ones not up yet.
Oregon sugar pod peas all fruiting now with more flowers.
The lettuce is thinking about bolting so I’m picking any that are growing taller.