Indoor greens

Chijimisai greens were a free seed packet in an order, and despite being a Brassica the label said not frost hardy. So I’m trying to grow them in a decorative planter with some other friends.

Home to a mystery solved

Wes reported that the chijimisai greens were all eaten up, and they live in the plant window. This morning I found at least three Cabbage White caterpillars on them. The plants were only outside for part of a day or two!! Ugh!!!

Window babies

Chijimisai greens are not frost hardy so they will live indoors and the bok choy (smaller pot) is just small and cute šŸ¤£
We put half the Roman chamomile outside to get bigger and half here to get bigger before going outside. In the back is a chocolate bell pepper that has sprouted but not pushed the seed coat off its seed leaves.

Afternoon harvest and repotting

Buckwheat is blooming.
Peruvian ground cherries are having a few potential fruits!
Paula and I repotted all the winter babies.
More babies.
The Missouri Yellow Watermelon weighs almost 12 lbs!
It’s so ripe that when I started to slice, it cracked open more on its own.
It was very tasty and sweet and crisp.
In the evening, I sliced some peppers for freezing. Green ones are jalapeƱos from our garden and red ones are serranos from a friend.
I made a small batch of salsa verde. Too little to can, so I froze it.