Holiday Sunday

An outdoor dinner. Garden basil and oregano.
Moved the chives and garlic chives that Judy gave me last year. Maybe they’ll like this spot better.
Uzbek golden, little, and New Kuroda carrots.
Gram helps me get seeds out.
Fall seeds planted of cabbage, mizuna, greens, and cauliflower. Tomatoes and peppers for overwintering. And a few pots of Roman chamomile for the front yard ground cover.
This is where I shall attempt peppers and tomatoes over the winter.
This goldenrod was already here and is doing very nicely.
A giant 1″+ horsefly on a backyard window sill.
Never going outside again.
I lied. Outside again. Chiltepin peppers.
Frostweed doing alright after it died back earlier in summer.
A little spider got this Eastern Tailed-Blue on the englemann daisy.
Texas mallow blooming!
The non native clematis. I’ll clean it out over the winter.
Okra flower
A bumblebee on the okra!

Earwig prevention attempt again

I saw that the new bok choy and mizuna seeds are coming up so I tried all this diatomaceous earth again. I also put vaseline around stems of one each mizuna and bok choy as I read that can keep them from climbing too, though the seedlings are only barely 1/2″ tall so we’ll see.

All the white dust is diatomaceous earth.
Since the earwigs are desperate enough to eat onions I dusted the onions too.

Earwigs vs bunnies

Last night I took Briar out for her final business trip of the evening and noticed this big pile of earwigs feasting on fallen oak buds. Okay, I knew we had a lot of earwigs. I knew they nibbled on my purple potatoes last year. I have also suspected them of getting a few seedlings, like my coreopsis seedlings.

However, these earwigs chose an awfully suspicious place to dine. Right next to a denuded branch of moss-curled parsley.

Wes has just constructed me an anti-bunny defense screen for the front yard raised beds. So, soon we’ll find out… Are the bunnies really the culprits of the lost seedlings of mizuna, bok choy, and carrots? Did they, as suspected, eat all the leaves off my front yard parsley? Or am I going to have to find out if diatomaceous earth really works on earwigs?

Stay tuned.

The earwigs are above my finger and my finger points to the nibbled parsley.