Other cloudy day yard stuff

Widow sedum in my cactus planter is blooming.
Anybody know what these are? I have a lot.
Most of my cornflowers are blue.
One rebel is dark purple!
Englemann daisy looking good.
Dill leaves are very pretty. No swallowtail caterpillars yet.

Showy evening primroses

They look very showy in the morning here too! 😂
They also make a good background for the coreopsis. The big green mound of leaves in the back is the Maximilian sunflower. A Gaillardia flower is peeking up at the base of the photo and to the right of the sunflower plant are some blue bachelor’s buttons (also known as cornflower).

How can things grow this much in a week?? Backyard edition

More wow!!!

Englemann Daisy blooming.
Bachelor’s buttons are not native but were in a mix I got and do get some nice little bees.
I believe this is greeneyes from seed from Mom.
Hedeoma seedling from seed from Paula in western Oklahoma. It’s in the cactus planter.  You can also see a baby moss rose and some widow sedum.
I think this is going to be an Echineacea, could be either the purple or pale one as I’ve planted seeds of both.
Rudbeckia (I think?) leaves are wonderfully soft.
Cilantro is blooming beautifully!  Future coriander.
One parsley is thinking about blooming.
Walking onions are so cool.
Gaillardia blooming!
Sooooo many evening primroses!  Last week only a few were open!
This mound of Oxalis was here when we moved in and it just gets showier all the time.