More from today

After their 30 days of cold stratification in the fridge, three butterfly milkweed are sprouting.
Female Sachem skipper on ironweed.
Briar is bored by garden examination. She likes the buffalograss to lay on though.
Bigger view of ironweed.
Briar was warm after the midday walk so I gave her an ice cube.
I pulled some Euphorbia from driveway and have put it in potato bag dirt over cardboard. See if it could work as a ground cover since it seems to be native.

Leftovers garden taco salad

From the garden: Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard (green in the rainbow beds), tomatoes, and salsa verde from yesterday. The Chef also reminds me that the leftover rice had onions and tomatoes in it too and he mixed in the rest of his refried beans with some canned refried beans.

Sprouting and preserving

The sterile wheatgrass cover crop is sprouting!
You can see the slower germinating buffalograss seed hanging out.
I have especially put a lot in the narrow places where the water runs off from the raised beds.
The grass with the red zinnias.
Both chimay├│ and jalape├▒o peppers. Neither super hot.
Everything from the garden except for garlic!
Yum! Salsa verde complete!
Picked green beans for dinner while waiting for salsa to finish simmering down.
The Chef takes over for canning, my department is just vegetables, thank goodness.

Bumble gathering

I took this picture from inside the house, like a clever mammal. I counted at least 27. I wonder if it’s too hot inside, too hot to forage, or if they are preparing to move? I hope they stay longer. They were confirmed as Bombus pennsylvanicus (American Bumblebee) by a local bee expert.

Last night new helper friend!! And other things yesterday

A fine Toad hanging out in the raised beds! Eat those earwigs please!! (May already be doing so as I have not seen many lately.)
Tomatillos Verdes doing well, I think I have enough now to make salsa verde enough to can.
Took garden cucumber to work today for a snack with ranch dressing.
Not entirely sure but I think a Bombus impatiens bumblebee on a loofah gourd flower. There were at least two of these bumbles around.