The big freeze is here

Paula has grown some amazing horizontal icicles on her kale and said I could share the picture.

Thanks Paula!! Now I should go out and get some pictures in the garden here tomorrow if I have time.

Window rearranging

Some guest plants are departing, so the Salvia greggii cuttings are moving into the plant window where it’s safer from the cat.

The extremely innocent young cat who definitely did not nibble and step on several seedlings causing the current fortification of the plant window and abandonment of the table as a plant staging area.
It looks like two or three of the five cuttings have “taken”, based on the new growth.

Plant window ventilation

No more cases of damping off since Wes has added the fan for me. Many plants were ready for watering! So I think the fan is helping dry things out.

The plant window has some permanent residents like various succulents and a venus flytrap, but is mostly full of young plants right now.

Anybody need any loofah gourd seeds?

Wes and Paula cleaned off last year’s loofah gourd harvest. We have almost two pounds of seeds. That is almost a kilogram for our science readers. Wes was annoyed we did not get tare for the bag but it’s a very light bag, and I didn’t want seeds everywhere. Let me know if you want seeds. We might be able to supply you…

Wes has some sort of plan for the loofahs themselves. There is a whole rubbermaid tub full of those. This is from maybe half a dozen plants.

Loofah gourd seed weight in pounds and ounces.
Loofah gourd seed weight in science units.

Mulching the peach tree

Paula came over this afternoon for a masked visit outside. We put down cardboard around the new peach tree and covered it with cedar mulch.

Paula insisted I have to be in the picture. Thanks for the picture and help, Paula!! You can see our rock and sedum garden in front of it.

Data visualization for garden borders

Figure 1. Length of each side of the mulched area in front yard as a bar graph. X axis represents side of garden east, north, west, and south. Y axis is exactly the length of garden edges.

The household welder/chef has begun the process of edging the garden perimeter (Figure 1).

Roots shooting up??

This is in the right spot to be one of three bare root Canadian anemone plants I got from Prairie Moon Nursery last fall. Fingers crossed! I’m trying to fill in the bare ground in the backyard to keep out invasives like the non native species of wild geranium that is everywhere in our yard.