Earwigs indoors 😤

We mixed up neem oil concentrate with water according to the directions (~0.4 g oil per 2 oz water ie the size of our little glass spritzer bottles), and spritzed all the baby plants. We’ve seen three earwigs inside near the plants since repotting last night and several tomatillos, peppers, and chamomile look a bit worse for the wear.

Thinking of summer yesterday

Tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, and chard and roman chamomile in all the rest. We need a lot of chamomile starts as I want to use it as a ground cover around the vegetable raised beds.
Sitting on the saffron leaves.
Gram’s not sure about outside leash time but he’s getting more confident.
He always perks up and feels safer when big sister comes by to check on him.
“Hello big sister”
Maybe he could do without getting groomed. She nibbles him.

Fancy, that’ll teach me (Wednesday dinner)

Course 1: garlic lemon aioli with rolled prosciutto, atop bacon fat flatbread, on a bed of radicchio, drizzled with goji tomatillo (garden) syrup, topped with Leonberger cheese, and garnished with a mini bell pepper slice (garden) and white currant tomatoes (garden).
Course 2: venison bone broth made with carrots, celery, parsley (garden), with chopped onions (last of garden) and pearled barley, garnished with mini bell peppers (garden) and served with the bacon fat flatbread.
Course 3: braised venison shoulder seasoned with rosemary (garden), shiitake mushroom, serrano peppers (a friend’s garden), and onion (garden). Plated with radicchio, garlic lemon aioli, sliced tomatoes (garden), and a sea of goji tomatillo (garden) syrup.
In lieu of pictures of course 4 (fresh vanilla bean frozen custard a la Paula), here is the dog hoping for course 3. We ate the ice cream and didn’t take a picture. 😎

A week ago Saturday

Very excited to have a Gulf Fritillary in the yard!
I hope it found the passionvine in the back yard.
Made more salsa verde.
The Chef helpfully cans.
Ruff day gardening, need a nap.
Mail call!! Fall/winter peas, trying new ones.
A wildflower and an herb.
Trying again on parsnip this year with fresh seeds.

Winter indoor gardening ideas.

Leftovers garden taco salad

From the garden: Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard (green in the rainbow beds), tomatoes, and salsa verde from yesterday. The Chef also reminds me that the leftover rice had onions and tomatoes in it too and he mixed in the rest of his refried beans with some canned refried beans.

Sprouting and preserving

The sterile wheatgrass cover crop is sprouting!
You can see the slower germinating buffalograss seed hanging out.
I have especially put a lot in the narrow places where the water runs off from the raised beds.
The grass with the red zinnias.
Both chimayó and jalapeño peppers. Neither super hot.
Everything from the garden except for garlic!
Yum! Salsa verde complete!
Picked green beans for dinner while waiting for salsa to finish simmering down.
The Chef takes over for canning, my department is just vegetables, thank goodness.

Last night new helper friend!! And other things yesterday

A fine Toad hanging out in the raised beds! Eat those earwigs please!! (May already be doing so as I have not seen many lately.)
Tomatillos Verdes doing well, I think I have enough now to make salsa verde enough to can.
Took garden cucumber to work today for a snack with ranch dressing.
Not entirely sure but I think a Bombus impatiens bumblebee on a loofah gourd flower. There were at least two of these bumbles around.

Harvesting and trimming

Blue lake green beans, lots of tomatoes, and some tomatillos! This variety (verde) is actually maturing mid summer. Last year, Rio Grande Verde variety all waited til end of summer.
A single pod of runner bean. They have lots of flowers though!
A baby cushaw squash! Supposed to be resistant to squash vine borers and indeed the plant has yet been untouched.

30s next few nights

I put towels, newspapers in pots, glass jars, and plastic jars over the tender plants (peppers, tomatillos, tomatos, ground cherries). The unplanted ones will go in the garage or house.