05/29/2023 quarter inch rain

One of our four new prairie larkspurs has bloomed!!
I took several angles as I was excited. Three of four plants tried to bloom but their flower stalks got knocked over or snipped off by something toothy.
The showy milkweed in the side yard (north of the rainbow garden) is coming up!
Our three kinds of milkweed are growing!! The lower left one is a green milkweed. The two biggest plants are whorled milkweed (A. verticillata) from Abby. The one remaining viridiflora is not in the picture.

05/24/2023 rainbow

Purple: culinary sage and ‘Diane’ Salvia greggii. Blue: perennial blue flax. Green: milkweeds. Yellow: two leaf senna. Orange: butterfly milkweed. Red: the Southern Flame Dwarf Peach leaves.

05/27/2023 front yard

The rainbow garden is almost there.
The winecups have gotten MASSIVE. I have never seen such mammoth winecup leaves in the wild.
A typical winecup with regular sized leaves. We saw this one today on our afternoon walk, at Saxon Park.
A view panning over to see the Salvia greggii and coreopsis too. All the white flowers in the raised beds are cilantro. If you’ve been looking at our iNaturalist feed, the cilantro flowers are hopping with insect activity.

05/15/2023 a third yucca in green bed!

I found a third Arkansas yucca in the green bed of the rainbow garden! I’m so excited that the stratification followed by lots of rain has worked. Or at least putting them out has worked. I don’t seem to have a lot of control over the rain??