Home to a mystery solved

Wes reported that the chijimisai greens were all eaten up, and they live in the plant window. This morning I found at least three Cabbage White caterpillars on them. The plants were only outside for part of a day or two!! Ugh!!!

A second cantaloupe and more sad caterpillars/happy wasps

Second Madhu Ras melon and there are more on the vine!!
The “cleaner” side of one caterpillar.
The more parasitized side of the caterpillar.
Now two angles on a second cat.
Note that the pupae have opened, because of the little can lid looking parts.
Last night I sprinkled some more basil behind the cherries on the ground and also in the planter.
This saguaro cactus was given to me and had been over watered, so it’s got some rot on top and near bottom. Hopefully it will recover now that I’ve put it in hot sun and just watered it once after transplanted. It should rarely get rain on it on the porch.


Missouri Yellow Watermelon split open partially, so we split it the rest of the way to eat the unexposed part. Very nice!
Spider lilies started blooming today. Not native, never see anything on them, but they were already here and they’re weird!
Closeup of spotted euphorbia (Euphorbia maculata).
Paula spotted this exciting find: a hornworm with parasitic pupae on it!!
Dolba hyloeus also known as the pawpaw sphinx. One of the host plants is yaupon holly, which is where Paula found it.
Mom said to save it in a jar so we can see what kind of wasps come out. She recently had a parasitized tobacco hornworm from Judy.

New season jar

Was almost full last year. Hope we get same this year.
Two black swallowtail cats on carrots in front yard that survived the earwigs.
The front one in focus.

Assorted stuff

Three hours to harvest and sort all this.
First canning tomato variety fruit. I can’t remember which one, I need to look at spreadsheet. The marker is buried in dirt. Update: is Amish Paste tomato.
Grass seeds did not wash away in rain. Whew.
Intruder alert!!
Possibly the frass of the offending hornworm???
Loofah gourd flower disintegrated in rain.
A jewel of rain on succulent.